About Pam

I am an equality and human rights activist and a Labour Party Campaigner.  I currently work in the NHS and previously wrote policy for a national charity. I have an MSc in Health Psychology, a BSc in Psychology and a Post Graduate Certificate in Citizenship and Human Rights.

I am an ambassador for the One in Five campaign and a keen trade unionist. I was a member of the Commission on Local Democracy, and was a member for the Commission on Parliamentary Reform.

At the age of 18 months my family discovered that I had juvenile arthritis and by the age of five I was using a wheelchair.  My mother and father never allowed me to feel downhearted – they taught me that a disabled child can reach the same heights as any other.
The values that have guided me through life are Labour values: equality and social justice and the belief that everyone has a right to live up to his or her potential.
I have the passion to fight injustice and the faith in people to believe we can win the fight. I’m in the Labour Party for the many, not the few. I’m in the Labour Party because together we’re stronger. I’m in the Labour Party for you.